Basic Considerations when Buying an Air Conditioning System

An air conditioning system is used to modify the properties of air – mostly its temperature andhumidity rate –  in a certain area to improve its quality and make it more comfortable. Climate change and the installation of many computers at the same place tends to rise the temperature in office and explains why more and more companies invest in air conditioning systems. Let’s have a closer look on the features of air conditioning systems:

Key Features

Air cooling

Air conditioners prevent overheating thanks to refrigerant gas. The action of environmental groups such as Greenpeace has also resulted in the gas that’s used for refrigerating being more eco friendly.

Control of humidity

The air conditioner will condensate the water contained in processed air, removing water vapor from the cooled air. This way the relative humidity is lowered to 50%-60%, which is the comfort level.

Choose the right air conditioner

There are three main types of air conditioning systems:

Window unit air conditioners

They are installed in an open window. The indoor part sends the cooled air thanks to a fan while the outdoor part rejects the hot air. Each of these units cools the air in the room in which it is installed.

Packaged terminal or wall-split air conditioners

They comprise two separate parts, the evaporating one inside and the condensing one outside. These two parts are connected by an opening passing through the wall. This system allows air conditioning to all the rooms of your building and reduces the indoor system’s footprint.

Portable air conditioner

A portable unit will be convenient to transport and install, you just have to plug it on and off. The only constraint is it has to be linked to the outside by ducts or pipes to evacuate the hot air created.

Choose the right supplier of air conditioners

We can provide you with quotes from trusted partners but here are the key factors you should check before choosing your supplier:


Your air conditioner supplier should be able to provide you with expert advice on the most suited type of air conditioning system to fit with the layout of your office and take into account the environmental factors. They should also help you to set up the system to the right comfort temperature and humidity level, or specific levels required by your activities.


Having a 24/ 7 support contact can be of great help, especially if the quality of air is key to your business activities or your processes require a precise temperature and level of humidity.

Geographic proximity

This can be a key factor to receive quick support if you need to change or repair a part of your system in short delays.


As it is an innovating area and more cost efficient and eco friendly systems appear regularly you might be interested to find a flexible supplier allowing you short term contracts or consider the leasing an air conditioner rather than buying one.

Key benefits

Suitable environment for your business activities

Air conditioning helps you regulate air temperature and humidity so that your employees don’t suffer from cold or get irritated by warm temperatures. Moreover regulating air composition allows you to better run your business and allow special processes that require a certain heat or humidity rate, especially if you are running businesses like a restaurant or a laboratory.

Contribute to your employees’ health

Air conditioning systems are proven to have positive effects on people suffering from particle allergies (dust, pollen…), sinus issues, limited mobility etc. In fact it can provide a completely hypoallergenic air perfectly suitable for places where the health and well-being of human beings are critical, in hospitals for example.

Provide clean air everywhere in your building

Thanks to an air conditioning system you can ventilate clean air even in rooms that don’t have windows and thus can’t receive new air easily, or in high buildings where natural ventilation is impracticable due to faster wind speed.

Energy efficiency

Innovation in the air conditioning field is oriented on energy efficiency. It means that new systems help you save money on your energy bills and make you take part in the green economy.

Get capital allowance back

If your air conditioning system matches the Energy Technology Product List requirements at the moment you buy it, you are allowed to claim first year capital allowance. For more information go to