Tax deductibility

Business mobiles are considered business expenses so they are tax deductible, meaning you can get the VAT back.

Save time

Simplify your process by dealing with only one supplier, and receive only one – generally monthly – invoice for all devices and services. Reduce administrative paperwork to focus on growing your business.

Keep control on your expenses

You have the ability to install call controls and add-ons to limit costs of calls from/ to abroad. Get rid of other phone connections that become unnecessary. You will also save money on calls between your employees.

Increase productivity

Give your staff complementary and integrated solutions to keep up with technology, grant access to collective tools and new working methods, adding value for your clients.

Remote access to office

Thanks to high speed data and business applications your employees can remotely access their professional data, company resources, emails and office documents, allowing them to work anywhere.

Closer relationship to your clients

Thanks to business mobiles and other communication tools, you will be able to better manage your accounts and easily maintain relationships with your clients.