Many businesses are on the wrong business mobile tariff and spend more on their contracts than they need to. Because networks are constantly adapting to new technologies and customer demands, plans are updated frequently and new ones are introduced.

Staying up to date about all the tariffs available and comparing all the plans from every network can be a time consuming process. Most businesses do not compare different contracts and simply accept their renewal offer, resulting in overpaying and not selecting the cheapest option available for your employees’ usage. An analysis shows that about 85% of businesses could cut their expenses for mobile phones by approximately a fourth, some of them by even a lot more.

Basic considerations

Before any decision you need to assess your needs to find a supplier that matches these requirements, here are the main questions you should be able to answer:

Number of users

How many of your employees need to be equipped with business mobiles? You should consider both employees for whom you already pay business calls from personal phones and other ones that need to get a business mobile – be it remote employees or frequent business travellers.

Current provider

Are you still committed to your current provider? How easy is it for you to switch to another one? You should check if you need to give a notice in advance and what fees you can expect to pay.

Current costs

We guess your main motivation to switch provider is to save money on your bills, or if you wish to install a network of business mobiles, to do it in cost efficient way. To measure the cost efficiency of contracting to a new provider you should first have a global overview of the costs your current system leads to.

Choose the right devices

Business mobile devices and networks are already strongly implanted in the UK, offering you a large range of possibilities. Here are the three main categories of devices offered by mobiles providers.

Sim cards

Choose a sim only option allows you to find great deals on your professional calls by saving money on minutes, texts and data without changing phones. It is also a flexible option since you can choose between monthly and annual contracts. Most sim only contracts include unlimited UK texts and minutes and the price you pay often depends on the amount of data you want.

Business phones

Choose between a large range of big brands and famous operating system mobiles from latest smartphones to more simple and affordable phones. In most cases your employees won’t have to change their phone numbers.


They can be a good alternative to laptops due to their smaller size and lighter weight. Plus you can access all sort of business applications and have tailored data access contracts.

Choose the right provider

We can provide you with quotes from trusted partners but here are the key factors you should check before choosing your supplier:


Before engaging with a provider, check that the area you work in is well covered by his mobile network. For example check that you don’t pay for 4G data whereas you work in an area only covered by 3G.

Contract length

You should be aware of the duration of your engagement, and if you need to give notice and pay fees to switch provider if you find a better deal.

Mobile data

As it is the most influencing factor on price you should pay attention to evaluate your needs accurately and choose the contract that matches the most of your requirements.


Your provider should protect privacy of your data on your mobile phone network (including data from applications and email) and provide you with a remote security system in case one of your devices is stolen or lost.


Will the provider be able to help you anytime if you face any issue with your mobile network? Testimonials can be of good help to evaluate your provider’s support system.


Be sure to be able to get a quick replacement (some suppliers can provide next day replacement) if one of your mobiles is stolen, lost or damaged.

Roaming costs

If you are running an international business or your employees have to travel for business purposes we strongly recommend to pay attention to roaming costs that can quickly become a great expense or choose a provider offering proper international add-ons.

Integrated solutions

Some suppliers are able to provide you with solutions that integrate voice and data from your mobiles to your corporate networks. Thus calls within your network become way cheaper.