Once you have established a clear idea of the kind of EPOS system you require taking into account your needs and the other factors, the challenge is to identify the right vendor to meet your requirements. Here are some basic selection/ elimination criteria to look out for:


Now, that is obvious, isn’t it? Just ensure that the comparison is an equitable one and that you are comparing “apples with apples”.


An EPOS system is a serious investment and a critical component on the business. Select a vendor with lots of experiencing in selling and installing custom EPOS solutions. Pay particular attention to the domain and scale that the vendor is used to.


To the extent possible, opt for a vendor that can provide a comprehensive solution ie hardware, software, installation and after-sales support. Opting for these different components from different vendors may work, but opting for a single-point solution will give much better economies of scale and added efficiency. Evaluate the vendor’s ability to integrate the EPOS system with your own legacy systems, as necessary.

Terms of service and support

Due to the criticality of the EPOS system to the business, downtime must be avoided. Ensuring that there are performance guarantees and prompt troubleshooting is very important. Get references from other customers to check the post-sales track record of the vendor.