Telematics [technology that deals with the long-distance transmission of computerised information] enables you to take control of your vehicle fleet and GPS tracking technology gives you detailed reports for each vehicle and their drivers’ driving behaviour, including real time location data and speed. This information gives you the opportunity to manage your fleet and its costs more efficiently. Maintenance costs, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions can be greatly reduced and a proactive approach improves customer service too.


Available around the clock, without vehicle tracking systems it is impossible to know the exact location of vehicles; with telematics you can track your fleet around the clock and locate drivers quickly and easily. A vehicle tracking system will enable you to:

  • View real-time updates on your fleet around the clock
  • Track and trace the vehicles closest to designated locations
  • Provide accurate delivery times and improve customer satisfaction when you receive live traffic feeds
  • Be notified of accidents as they occur
  • Calculate exact job costs taking into consider “time at location”
  • Improve the Health and Safety of your drivers and your Duty of Care responsibilities
  • Validate time sheets against system-generated reports

Improve driver behaviour and reduce risks

Accurately monitoring your drivers’ performance using “driver scoring reports” assist you to:

  • Provide training to non-efficient drivers
  • Monitor and restrict the speed of your vehicles and improve safety
  • Identify private and business mileage to reduce your costs
  • Eradicate unauthorised mileage and improve productivity
  • Reduce the risk of accidents and the associated cost of repairs and downtime
  • Enhance your corporate image and reputation


The geo-fencing feature enables you to create designated locations, set parameters and produce a range of reports that enable you to view:

  • Unauthorised vehicle movements in and around the designated area
  • The closest vehicle to a designated location
  • When vehicles are entering or leaving a location
  • Timetracker to verify manual timesheets

The competitive edge

A vehicle tracking system provider will professionally install the hardware into your vehicles so that you can keep track of your fleet wherever you are. 24/7 tracking from a smart box can be installed easily and requires minimal initial outlay and can be financed by manageable monthly payment. A comprehensive vehicle tracking system will.

  • Provide automatic software updates
  • Update every 60 seconds for real-time vehicle tracking
  • Provide live traffic feeds so that you can plan alternative routes
  • Give vehicle updates so that you can utilise your fleet more effectively
  • Give you access to expert support from your vehicle tracking system provider to gain the best from your system

Reduce your environmental impact

Vehicle tracking systems can help you to reduce costs and promote greener driving by

  • Promoting good driving habits to limit vehicle wear and tear
  • Locating the vehicle closest to designated locations to reduce unnecessary mileage
  • Making the best use of vehicles and drive additional efficiencies
  • Reporting on vehicle emissions

Providing unlimited data storage and cut down on paperwork


Vehicle tracking systems utilising GPS and telematics put you in control of your fleet, its expenditure and its impact on the environment.

Save money

When you install a vehicle tracking system, in addition to the obvious cost advantage of reducing fuel consumption, you’ll cut down on calls to mobiles to establish a driver’s location, avoid tax penalties associated with personal mileage, prevent unnecessary wear and tear by introducing the shortest routes and lower insurance premiums because you are proactively tracking vehicles and improving driver behaviour.

Increase productivity

In just a few clicks you can view a range of reports that can help you make informed business decisions and respond quickly to queries regarding estimated time of arrival.

Happy customers

You’ll be able to, in real time, advise clients of a driver’s whereabouts and estimated time or arrival, respond more quickly to callouts with the vehicle closest to the client and optimise routes most commonly travelled.

Compliance and Duty of Care

Ensure that your fleet is safe and promotes a positive corporate image by providing training for drivers with poor or non-efficient driving behaviour such as speeding, harsh braking and acceleration; avoid calling drivers whilst they are on the road, increase vehicle safety with GPS tracking and identify the exact location of a driver who may be in need of assistance.

Reduce your impact on the environment

A vehicle tracking system will help you to reduce your carbon footprint. When you use less fuel you will lower your carbon emissions and fewer miles will reduce vehicle wear and tear such as the replacement of tyres.

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